With help from Bohannan Huston, the Village of Hatch Municipal Airport, located southwest of Hatch on Highway 26, underwent a total reconstruction in 2000, which completed the airport runway 29/11 and associated taxiways. The current Airport Layout Plan (ALP) defines in detail the airport alignment, airspace use and aircraft capacity for the municipal airport. Since the initial plan, Hatch has continued to expand the use and function of the airport through updated airport layout plans, airport capital improvements projects and overall airport development objectives.

The primary project for the Village of Hatch Municipal Airport was the complete reconstruction of the runway. The new runway 29/11 was constructed to a width of 60 feet and a length of 4,110 feet. The planned build out will extend the current runway to a full mile at 5,280 feet and also increase the width to 75 feet. During the reconstruction project, the new runway also completed a paved turn around on the south end and a 300 foot by 300 foot paved apron on the east end of the runway with aircraft tie downs. Subsequent projects have completed a paved access road with vehicle parking, paved taxiways and hangar pad sites for both commercial and agricultural use. Security fencing and automated entrance gates were included in the airport improvements.

The Village of Hatch works closely with the New Mexico Department of Transportation Aviation Division and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to plan and develop capital improvement projects to the airport that will maximize its use and function and maintain a high level of safety for its users. Annual Airport Capital Improvement Plans are updated and adjusted to coincide with scheduled funded projects. FAA and NMDOT Aviation Division assists the Village in funding programs for Airport Improvement Plans and Entitlement funded projects.

Future projects for the Municipal Airport will include facilities for a Fixed Base Operator— including a fueling station, a pilot’s convenience center and an Airport Administration building. Upgrades to medium intensity runway lighting to replace the existing retro-reflective lighting currently in place is slated for 2017 and a paved taxiway connecting the runway turnaround and apron area are scheduled for 2014 or 2015 depending on funding availability. Providing airplane hangars for the airport is also a priority for the Village of Hatch to help attract potential customers to use the Village of Hatch Municipal Airport as their base. There are still many more projects scheduled for this airport in the future as funding allows and interest continues for its use and expansion of the Municipal Airport.

The existing buildings at the Village of Hatch Municipal Airport is where the annual Hatch Chile Festival is held on Labor Day weekend. The main building has a stage area surrounded by concrete for a dance floor. This building is available for rent for area residents to hold dances for fundraising or personal use. The attached PDF has pricing and a rental agreement for renting the building.

For more information on the airport rentals please contact the Village Office at (575) 267-5216.

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