Planning and Zoning Agendas/Minutes


To direct positive growth in a way that preserves, protects, and sustains the Village of Hatch’s history, culture, and traditions. To maintain the Village as a healthy, safe, and enjoyable place to live and work by ensuring that residential, commercial, and industrial development complies with Village ordinances, codes, and standards; and to strive to provide efficient and courteous service to the residents and community of Hatch.


Planning and Zoning Department is consisted of a volunteer committee responsible for providing support to the community by interpreting and implementing the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Land Development Regulations and Standards as adopted by the Village Council. Every piece of land in the Village of Hatch is zoned. Zoning disposes what types of uses are allowable for that property and is based on what is proposed by the Village’s Master Plan. Through zoning, the Committee is able to serve the community by:

  • Protecting against land use hazards in the interest of public safety
  • Providing for the needs of industry business and residences for future growth
  • Controlling the use of land to prevent adverse effects to neighboring properties
  • Prohibiting uses, buildings, or structures which are incompatible with the character of development or the uses allowed within specific zoning districts
  • Preventing the overcrowding of land and undue concentration of structures
  • Conserving the taxable value of land and building in the Village
Phone Number: (575) 343-7662
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