Swimming Pool

Thanks to 40 years of hard work and dedication from former Mayor Judd L. Nordyke and various students that he taught, the Judd Nordyke Municipal Pool opened its doors in 2012. Judd passed away at the age of 72 from cancer. He was a resident of Hatch from 1970 up to his death.

Judd considered himself a “river rat”— he loved water and enjoyed visiting and playing on the various lakes in the area. He worked for years with the community, the county of Dona Ana, and the New Mexico State Legislature to secure the funding needed for a municipal pool. He strongly believed in the need for a public pool to provide a safe place for children to learn to swim and to enjoy the summer months while staying out of trouble. Furthermore, he believed that a public pool provided a service to the community by reducing the number of drownings in irrigation ditches and the Rio Grande River.

The Judd Nordyke Municipal Pool is open yearly from mid May until mid September and is located at #1 Chile Capital Lane. The pool has men's and women’s locker rooms with showers and changing stalls. The concession stand has candy, cokes, and water available for purchase. The pool has a slide (Judd was the first to slide down) and the deepest part is 5 feet. There are 8 lifeguards and 3 concession stand workers employed every summer. For more information please call (575) 267-0104 in season. In the off season call (575) 267-5216.

For more information call:
In Season- P:(575) 267-0104
Off Season- P:(575) 267-5216