The Village of Hatch Museum has over four hundred items which have been donated by the people of our Valley. We proudly display our pair of ice tongs along with a dress worn to the Inaugural Ball for President Garfield in 1881. We have memorabilia from school days, old school pictures, a collection of annuals, trophies, and even the script of one of the “Junior” plays. These and many other items are part of the History of the Hatch Valley.

There is no charge to visit the Museum; however we do have a donation jar if our visitors are so inclined. The museum is located at 149 W. Hall St. and hours are 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. We are usually open on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend for the Chile Festival. After hour and weekend visits are always welcomed and arranged for interested groups. The phone number is (575) 267-3638.